Characters: Vidar, Merry (Meredith), Anouk, Kira, Nilisha, Theodore (Theo, Theodread), Ben (Benjamin)

Location: Ardennes Forest.

Plot Summary: Several characters are exchanging pleasantries around a campfire when Merry, resurrected in her Panther-Therian form, arrives aggressively on the scene. Misunderstanding, followed by Merry's attack on Kira, causes a fight between (Primarily) Vidar and Merry as Kira and Anouk attempt to flee the scene.


(Amendments Note: These logs have been spell checked prior to addition to this site.)

Vidar rushes through the trees silently, bounding from winding branch to winding branch with practised ease. His piercing eyes scoured deep into the forest ahead - the way was clear. Vidar stopped on a large tree limb, easily as wide as his torso. His body became still, and his ears listened keenly to the sounds of the forest. Someone else he thought, his body falling into an aggressive crouch stance, his cloak inside out to camouflage him with the snowy nature of the forest. His hands hovered delicately over the hilts of identical twinblades. "Who is it?" his voice boomed, seeming to echo through the forest like a directionless, omniscient voice.

Nilisha looked up where th soft thud of Vidar's landing had been. "Me, silly." Nilisha placed the arrow she had just picked up back in it's bag. "Gosh, wouldn't you believe that I can at least shoot some arrows without attraction major attention." she mumbled. After seeing Kira work with bow and arrow the werewolf had decided that she should better get back to practicing if she wanted to stand a chance in their competition.

A small gout of emerald flame ignited in the air behind Vidar. "Or me." Theodore's voice whispered through the air. The flames in the air slowly began to take shape into the face of a daemon who then rolled its eyes. A fairly human trait that. "And by the looks of things the rest of me is being delayed." Theodread mused to no one in particular. He was for the moment oblivious to Nilisha distracted by the slow progress of his essence from one plane to the next and Vidar's demand to know who was about. With out more of his essence he wouldn't be able to form or appear as a human.

Vidar stood up immediately, and places his hands by his sides. "I see". His voiced retained none of the booming growl now. "And how are you both?" His eyes flashed between the two and delayed with interest over Nikisha handling the Arrow. Rising almost un-noticeably off the branch, Vidar suddenly shot forward, his body slinging through the air as though catapulted, to a hovering stop but ten yards short of Nilisha, a savage grin on his face.

Nilisha suppressed her natural reaction of throwing something sharp at Vidar. Those sudden movements would drive her crazy some day. Turning to face the other person, her eyes grew wide. "Theo? Is that you?" she asked surprised, trying to remember last time she had seen him. "It's ages ago, that I've seen you!" Her voice rose a notch in excitement.

(Theodore) The daemonic head made of emerald flame flew through the air after Vidar shooting over his shoulder and exploding into a towering inferno that gave off no heat. After a few moments as the rest of his essence filtered up into this plane he regained his normal human looking form and offered a slight bow to both Vidar and Nilisha. "Greetings and salutations to both of you. Yes Nilisha it's me in the fire." In the fire being the daemonic equivalent of saying in the flesh. A slight slip of the tongue on his part no less... "So tell me friends what have I missed?" He enquired not noticing the savage grin on Vidar's face.

Vidar made no look of surprise at Theo's 'entrance', but first focussed on Nilisha "Do you shoot often?" he inquired, his left hand flitting forwards like lighting, but moving only a small space, gesturing at the weapon. Then, turning slightly "Welcome... err... I would say home, but it's a bit cold in this world compared to yours" his grin failed to budge. "We've not spoken since the Tavern... before I killed Balor". The memory now cause his grin to lessen.

Nilisha shrugged. "I'm good enough with it." She watched the conversation between Vidar and Theodore, waiting for a good moment when Vidar was just a tad distracted by his memories. With a motion so fast it looked blurred she Drew an arrow, aimed and shot the arrow so close next to Vidar's face that his hair moved in th whirl of the arrow. "see?" she asked him with a small smirk. "Quite soem bit I think" she answered Theodore's question without taking her eyes of Vidar.

Theo hadn't been in the mortal realm for so long he had forgoten about the subtle things like blinking or imitating the rise and fall of a breathing chest. "It's a good a home as any really, but yes on the cold side." Returning Vidar's grin his fangs were still present. He had also forgotten the finer points of human anatomy. Casting his memory back he could hardly remember the converstaion in the Tavern. "Balor is dead?" He did know if this was a good or bad thing... Watching as Nilisha shot the arrow he incinerated it as it flew past Vidar. "Cheap tricks no?"

Vidar flashed his shiney fangs at Nilisha and moved with equal speed, snapping up the arrow with his hands and flinging it back, his whole body contorting like a twisted wire to achieve his speed. The arrow thocking hard into a tree after sailing inches from Nilisha. "I can't quite shoot as fast as your bow, but I can still kill a person without one. You're fast, and your aim is impeccable. My, How I would love to see you in a tournament" he drifted. Turning back to Theo, his ody un-tensing, he said "Yes... I had to kill him to end our blood feud." Changing the subject rapidly he continues "How have you been?"

Nilisha never blinked as her arrows flew past her. She had expected this sort of reaction. sighing heavily she went to recollect her arrow. Maybe the tip was still usable. "You know, those arrows are expensive" she told Vidar while picking up the pieces and inspecting them. Great, that one's wasted "By the way I've never been to a tournament" she explained over her shoulder. "I don't fight unless I really have to."
"and no, it's not chaep tricks I might add. It's years of hard practice." she mumbled at Theodore, pouting ever so slightly.

(Theodore) The daemon finally remembered to blink and did so a few times. "Ay yes years of practice." Streaching and feeling generally uncomfortable in his human form he was struck by a bizzare idea. "Would there be any objections to me reverting to my natural form?" He enquired. Looking at Vidar he mused over the information and then let the change of subject slide. He thought for a moment before answering "I have been well thank you."

Vidar plunged a hand into his pocket and pulled out a fist-sized sachel. Tossing it leisurely at Nilisha he says "I don't expect change, but you'll have to get the gold coins traded in for cash somewhere". He made an unusual gesture with his hands at Theo, and said "Of course. Just don't break anything. If the lady agrees, too, naturally. We don't want to frighten people... much"

Nilisha raises a questioningly brow at Vidar. "What are those for?" she asked suspiciously, not quite trusting gifts from almost-strangers. "I've seen Green-Flamy-Theo before and survived, guess I won't die from shock now" Nilisha answers the question with a shrug. Just as she gets comfortable for watching the show her cell phone rings. Cursing creatively in several languages Nilisha answers the call, with much nodding, yes, no and snorting. "Boys, I'm sorry, but I have to go, seems like I'm a very wanted woman out there in the real world." With a low courtesy she sweeps up her arrow from the ground, as well as a small backpack and leaves.

[Exit Nilisha]

Theodore bade Nilisha farewell. Looking at Vidar and seeing no one else around he assumed his daemon form. "Ah so much nicer. It has been so long since I have had to cram myself into that form." His voice now spoke with an alien duality and stood resplendent in his plate and cloak. Streaching his wings out he paced back and forth. He could almost sense others about to arrive. Almost.

(Anouk) Footsteps somewhat irregular as she stumbled from sheer exhaustion, she blinked bleary eyes as she tried to peer through the trees. There! Was that light? She didn't have anything to lose, really. Not anymore. She made her way through the cold forest, hood pulled deep around her face, shadows concealing her features. She pulled up short before breaking the circle of trees surrounding the talkers, biting her lip. At least one of them would know she was there, but even weary, she was reluctant to chance showing herself. She hovered, pacing back and forth a little, out of sight but not out of earshot.

Kira was making her way through the forest, she heard the sound of people talking and recognized at least one of them...the other was a bit odd sounding, but she figured best to go introduce herself. Making her way through the brush and trees she stepped into the small clearing where there seemed to be a fire going as well. Her cloak hood was pulled low over her eyes and she kept the rest of her cloak pulled around her, keeping out the chilly night air. "Evening all."

Meredith Silvertongue could not be killed for good it seemed. As soon as the world thought themselves safe from her, she had returned, in a different form, but the same spirit, and the same evil intents and the same black, withered heart. The panther therian prowled silently through the forest in the shadows, her black fur blending into the dark cloak of night perfectly. She prowled around in a circle outside of the group of people, hungry, so, so hungry, mouth watering and saliva dripping down her fangs. One would be wise not to cross the path of the starving cat or to remind the death goddess of her grudge against them...

Large paws treaded silently, indigo eyes looking around warily as the panther stealthily made his way forward. He was hungry, and tired, and for the most part the boy had avoided being seen by sticking to the shadows whenever he could. Pausing as he heard the low murmur of voices a short distance away, Ben cocked his head slightly, little panther ears twitching as he strained to listen. Something In the pitch black of his surroundings, Ben considered his options for a moment, before he decided to head towards the group. Perhaps he would be able to snag himself a meal, if he was quiet enough.

Vidar looked up, his penetrating blue eyes scanning towards the tree line where someone was pacing. He held a hand up, pushing the brush and bushes back gently with his powers from a distance, trying to make the newcomer visible in line of sight. Without looking away from his search he says "Good evening Kira", the bushes making a distinct rustling as the moved from side to side gently. This was almost like a game. To Theo he spoke now "Theodore. What brings one such as yourself to a place, such as this?". Vidar seemed completely oblivious to the two panthers, his focus very obviously on the stranger whom was pacing.

Theodread glanced around the essence of so many others he could now sense. He quickly extinguished the flames on his body and started a small bonfire at his feet instead wrapping himself in thick plumes of white smoke to hide his daemonic traits. "Quite simply put Vidar. A holiday. War rages in hell and I have grown weary of slaying those lesser than me. My brother has gone into exil and I cannot find him." Turning as the new ones came closer "We are not alone it would seem, and I cannot become human just yet. Try not to disturb the smoke." He grinned as a daemon maw extending revealing razor sharp fangs. His emerald green flaming orbs showed what could have bin a hint of glee at the prospect of encountering new beings...

Her skin prickled. A decision had to be made. To move into the firelight, or to stay and await the approaching darkness? The lesser of two evils was still an evil, she reminded herself. She squared her shoulders, although this action was somewhat offset by the bow of her head, keeping her face in shadow even as she brushed aside the foliage and stepped towards the light. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the brighter light, gloved fingers reaching up to tip down her hood. "Good evening." Anouk said softly, taking in each of the faces presented to her. Two unknowns, and a face she vaguely recognised. It was better than three hostiles, she supposed.

Kira was now a bit more alert after having picked up on the sound of light footsteps, someone was pacing...looking for food. Keeping her hand on the hilt of her sword she glanced at Vidar "How are you this evening?" She then looked over at Theo.."Its been a while since I last saw you Theo, what brings you out here?" She glanced brefily at the new commer "Evening..."

A low growl left Merry's throat, threatening and warning. She felt so powerful in this super-human body, in this wild cat's body, that she didn't feel she even needed to completely use the element of surprise. She was powerful enough to take down any of them, she felt, though she might have been deluding herself. The smell of another cat assualted her nose and she paused and shook her head, her ears back against her skull, and sneezed. Her senses not completely toned and sharpened, she couldn't figure out who, what, or where it was, just that it was another feline, and possibly male. She attempted to turn her attention away from the insanely drawing scent and focus on the faces of those in the group, surrounded by smoke. There were a few familiar scents in that group but she again could not focus enough or see through the smoke.

Silently, he made his way towards the clearing, pressing down among the plant life that grew at the edge of the clearing unchecked. Ben took another experimental sniff, then shook his head a little. The air reeked of powerful magic and woodsmoke, though his sensitive nose also picked up a few, alien scents as well. From where he was hiding, the boy could make out that one of the figures appeared to be smoking himself, though he had no idea why. It took him a moment to realise that the smoke seemed to be moving in a slightly strange way, almost curving around the man gently, obscuring him from view. Then, a small rusting sounded, and the boy looked up a little to see a few more strangers join the peculiar group, and he idly pawed at his nose a little as he waited to see what would happen next.

Vidar lowered his hand but not his guard, as the hooded figure he did not recognise approached. Hearing the low growl he whipped around, one armoured (left) hand emitting a crackling noise, the other (right) falling firmly over the hilt of one of his twinblades. more noises he didn't recognise immediately. His eyes seared, and suddenly burned a bright electric blue. He became aware of a second creature, near the smoke. This one was louder. With a quick flicker of his eyes he scanned around him. The panther in the clearing looked harmless, but he was yet to make up his mind about the gracile stranger in the hood. Distracted, by the immediate threat, he forgot to share pleasantries with Kira, but his thoughts quickly remembered Theodore in battle during the crusades. This would not end well.

Theodread could hear them now. The low growl of a big cat. He spun in the smoke his wings making eddie currents through it. "Greetings Kira." The alien duality of his voice penetrating the thick smoke around him. Looking at the small girl he saw he spark brightly inside her "Greetings to you too little one." He sniffed slightly. A second cat was about. Reaching one taloned hand up to the sky a flaming bolt lanced down from the heavens and gripping the haft of his glaive let the momentum carry itself so it slammed into the ground with a dull thunderous boom. He felt Vidar ready himself for a fight and felt that he too should take precautions. Soon he would be able to assume human form and not have to hide in the smoke. Who knows how people would react to him as a daemon. He may have more enemies then allies. In defiance of his daemonic nature he almost wished he would have to fight. But if they were hostile he would happily feast on their souls after they had feld the shattered chared corpses that would be their remains...

Anouk took a hesitant step back, biting her lip again. She her hands palm-out, showing she was - at that moment - unarmed. "I mean no harm." She said softly, her English heavily accented. One would imagine that if she'd had a tail it would have been between her legs, and as loathe as she was to leave the protection of the fire, she was almost prepared to flee. Dmitri - her heart panged as she thought his name - told her that sometimes the best solution was to run, and in this situation, with so many unknowns, she couldn't help but think it good advice. Her heart beat sharply, adrenaline running through her body as she waited for someone to make the next move.

Grumbling and cursing under her breath Kira was getting a bit more uneasy, not so much from the others, but from the fact thats she was being watched...and that was a feeling she never liked. It was as if she was the prey instead of being the predator. A feeling she despised and only made her be a bit short with people. Her eyes scanning the forest, she saw only darkness. Drawing her sword, she kept it at her right side, while a dagger was concled in her left hand. She too had heard the growl and it made her very unsettled. Glancing at the hooded woman Kira nodded "Its not you we are worried about...there are others out there who seem to have come for a fight."

Merry licked her fangs, stomach rumbling even more. A thought projected into the mind of the young Russian woman--she was a therian, she felt this, and would be able to hear the thought. "I did not come for a fight...only food. If that requires a fight, so be it." Her tail flicked and her claws dug into the ground, preparing to pounce on the smallest figure there, despite the smoke. She felt indestructable, invincible; she could take any of them on.

Ben flinched a little as one of the men suddenly tensed up slightly, and he flattened himself down into the shadows as much as he could, his fur blending in perfectly with the murky dimness of the clearing's edge. The light from the bonfire the demon had conjured didn't quite reach the spot he was in, something he was immensely grateful for. For some reason, the white haired man made him nervous, but that was nothing compared to the way the man in the smoke made him feel. Ben's eyes widened as he watched the magical bolt of energy slam into the ground, small bits of debris flying from the force of impact, and a girl quietly enter the clearing. What are they doing? he wondered to himself.

Vidar nodded quickly at Anouk and shifted slightly to better focus on the trees. Stepping forwards slightly the crackling around his gauntlet became visible, not glowing flame or chiseled ice, but looked a lot more like shimmering heat. The kinetic forces he was creating swirled gently, but retained their crackling seeming to only get a little louder. "Show yourself" his voice boomed into the trees, his hand drawing the twinblade slowly.

Theodread wrapped the smoke closer to himself obscuring his true form completely. His eyes; inky emerald pools of fire glowed faintly within the smoke. His black skin split and cracked slightly the emerald fire shining between the splits and cracks. Theodreads bat like wings made small eddies through the smoke as he waited and watched. Black taloned hands with razor sharp claws on the end gripped the glaive loosely. His pale white mane of hair blending into the smoke. His legs now distorted into giant goat legs with cloven hooves of brimstone on the bottom stomp idly in the circle of dead grass and melted snow. The black plate and red cloak still hidden. "Indeed show yourself cat." The alien duality carrying a tone of comand compeling the creature to answer.

Anouk froze as the voice spoke in her mind. For all her experience, someone talking in one's head was never a good sign. She backed away from the edge of the clearing, once again reminding herself that the lesser of two evils was still an evil, even as she turned her back to the slightly-familiar figure and the large male almost crackling with energy. A slight whimper left her lips, her hood falling back in her haste to move from her vulnerable position at the edge of the clearing. Her pale skin and blonde hair shone reflected the fire's glow, making her look as if drenched in blood.

Kira glanced at the woman, only to turn her attention back to the dark forest,, her green eyes scanning the low brush, she heard the pacing, grumbling "Time to come out and play kitty." She took a few steps closer to the fire now postioning herself in the middle of Theo and Vidar, while she didn't have any powers she was still a force to be reckoned with. Her sword in hand, while the dagger remained hidden up her sleeve.

The group was met with complete silence, the crackle of fire the only sound in the clearing. Merry had paused, tensed and ready to pounce; the voice that had spoken was that of Kira, the little wench that she owed death for her failure to take out Rose like she had instructed. It was time to move, and time to act; before anyone had a moment to move she pounced, knocking Kira to her feet, pinned by her shoulders to the ground, snarling. Her long fangs were exposed and saliva dripped from her jowls.

If Ben was human, he would have meeped when the man that terrified him so suddenly seemed to be addressing him. Then, he turned his head slightly, a force of habit, you could say, to see if perhaps there was another feline behind him that the man was talking to. That was when he suddenly noticed the scent of another panther, but that, as with everything so far, seemed to smell wrong. He could tell that it was female, but for some reason there was an...unnatural undertone to it, something he couldn't quite describe. Tentatively, he peered through the leaves as the young blonde woman's cloak fell back, and he took in the girl's pretty features with a tilt of his head, a tiny rumble forming in his throat appreciatively.

Vidar tilted his head - allowing him to keep his focus on the forest, but also to watch Kira move closer. His head whipped straight back up as the hooded figure froze, and then whimpered, facing away from him, but acking closer towards the fire, as though she had senses or heard something. His eyes scanned her pale features in his peripherals, looking hoping to glean information without having to ask. His eyes flickered over the tree line. Suddenly the inky black changed, and the cat soared into the clearing. Immediately Vidar's senses took over, his hand sweeping around in an arc, following the Cat. As it landed, a loud explosive BANG erupted like a gunshot from his hand, the cracking vanishing as the air seems to harden, a pole of solid invisible mass shooting at the cat, aimed above Kira in case the cat was faster than his telekinetic slam. The sword glinted in his other hand, and he found himself right begind the telekinetic mass, sweeping around with his sword as a second strike, this one pushing his body down for an upward angled attack. His speed belied his size, and he could feel the force of his movememt yank against his clothing as they resisted.

Theodread acted mear seconds after Vidar. Banishing the smoke from around him. His daemon form was no visable to the those around him. Striking out with the glaive he let the point slide under the back of the cat's hind legs and with the flat of the blade whipped it out sideways knocking its feet out from under it in theory. He didn't want to slice it up just yet. Emerald flame sped down his left arm while he drew his glaive back in his right hand ready to strike again incase the cat didn't explain itself. "Who are you and why do you attack unprovoked?" He demanded of it.

Anouk started in fright as the woman was slammed into the dirt by a snarling black blur. She yelped as her step backwards turned into a stumble and then into a meeting of her behind with the ground as she fell heavily, cringing. Adrenaline coursed through her system as she scrambled backwards further, the bonfire almost uncomfortably hot on her back as she moved away from the woman and her assailant, in a direction which happened to be dangerously close to the dancing flames. She cowered further as a bolt of something injury-inducing rushed over her head, ruffling her hair. Too much was happening, and she wasn't a warrior!

Kira grumbled as she kicked the cat off of her, then shoved the dagger into its side. Wiggling out from under the weight of the cat she grumbled. "Well that was certainly not needed." Kira's mind whirled as she was trying to figure out why she'd been the target, the only thing she coudl think of was she was the one with out powers so she was less of a threat and appeared easier to take down. She swung her sword around waiting for another attack.

Merry felt a blast of power hit her side the second she had Kira pinned to the ground, and flew sideways into a tree, catching a glimpse of sword swinging where her back legs were just seconds earlier. Once she recovered from the shock of hitting a tree, she was back on her feet, back to the forest and fangs barred to the crowd. She snarled and roared loudly, cornered, unless she were to turn and run back into the forest. The fur raised on her back, she was clearly feeling the pressure of the threat. Almost human words escaped in the growl, "I'm hungry!"

Ben's turned his head sharply as the other panther abruptly burst onto the scene, and he growled a little to himself as he watched her pin down the redhead. The other cat was larger than him, he could see that much from where he was hiding, but it wasn't her size that worried the younger panther that much. No, it was that air she seemed to carry herself with, that oddly insane glint in her eyes that sent chills down his spine, even from his position across the clearing, that made his tail swish nervously. The battle that was going on seemed furious, and through the commotion the panther's eyes fell on the blonde woman currently scrabbling away from the bonfire. She looked absolutely terrified, and as much as he wanted to slink back into the darkness Ben's conscience just wouldn't let him do it. With a small purr, the feline equivalent of a sigh, Ben began to move, circling the clearing as he made his way towards the girl.

[Exit Ben]

Vidar didn't even slow as his sword missed it's target, launching over Theodores strike and landing with a resounding thud, not slowing as he broke into a run, a second BANG erupting towards the creature as he darted closer, halfway to trees now, his fangs bared and his sword ready. Only half the clearing had been covered, but he would be upon the animal in seconds.

Theodread snarled. "You can find something else this forest has much easier game." To accentuate his words he twirled the glaive around his back into his left hand and let the emerald flames there flow down its haft and into the air screaming towards the cat over Vidar and impacting the tree just above it. Moments later the tree burst into flames. He would worry about containing it later. Bending knee slightly he lept into the air and over to where the girl had fallen. Sheathing his glaive in the dirt he bent low to pick up Anouk. His human side compelling him to get her out of the way just incase the cat wouldn't see sense.

Anouk had scrambled back even futher, trying to get out of range of any attacks. It was an unsuccessful move, as the clearing, while big, was still small enough to get across in a single powerful leap. Her whole body was tense, her blood thumping in her ears as she was swept up off the ground. She yelped, fighting the hold, her heart in her throat as she thrashed against the powerful arms carrying her, unsure whether they were friend or foe.

Kira glared at the cat, not sure wether it would be wise to go rushing after it, as it might only cause her more trouble then she really wanted right now, she watched the cat carefully. "He's right, there are easier prey in the woods, I suggest leaving before you get hurt kitty." There was something somewhat familiar about the cat, but she couldn't put her finger on it, it was more the way it looked at her, as if she was what the cat came for. "Leave or you'll regret you didn't take our warnings."

(Merry) The cat hissed and spat, enraged. One of the men was leaping towards her, so she lept to the side to dodge him and roared in pain as she began to shift painfully into her human form. The fur receeded and bones popped and eventually a blue haired woman emerged, all but the long claws on her hands, which she held up to protect herself in case anyone else dared make a move on her. "You haven't managed to hurt me yet, so why should I worry?" The familiar voice spoke, silver eyes gleaming and staring at Kira.

Vidar stopped, his body freezing, heavy boots sliding across the floor with an almost gravelly undertone. His stance was dropped, almost animalistic, a crouch, a hand outstretched crackling dangerously, a sword horizontal with the floor, glinting menacingly in the firelight of the burning tree above him, the effect making him look more evil than any other scene could. "Who the hell are you?" he snarled, his eyes locked on Merrys, his gaze like that of stone. Unmoving. His body tensed like a metal coil, ready to move like lightning at the first sign of trouble.

Theodread lept back with the girl in his arms and put her near a tree on the far side of the clearing away from the cat turned woman. Moving swiftly for his size he reclaimed his glaive. He was about to advance but he felt a sharp tug on his essence for the lower planes. Roaring his discontent at having to leave so suddenly after making it up to the higher plane he spoke swiftly. "Who the hell indeed..." He chuckled and then continued "You seem to have the situation in hand Vidar. I must leave you now. Something is not right bellow." With that he wished the others a quick farewell. A sudden rush of air inwards a gout of flame and Theodread was gone.

[Exit Theo]

Anouk blinked as she was set down. Perhaps not an assailant, but an ally? The thought was quickly banished as the man disppeared in a halo of flame. She'd seen stranger things, but her mind was more focussed on the confrontation happening in front of her. She shook in fear even as she hunkered down again, hoping they'd forget about her.

Kira felt her heart skip a beat, she felt her mouth go dry, that couldn't be....but yet she was staring at her. She'd spent a better part of the year not worrying about Merry, forgetting that she even still had a debt to pay, it all came back to her in a flash. Her eyes narrowed as she eyed the woman. "Who the hell are you...your name damn it." Kira was now both pissed and a bit fearful, she knew what Merry had been capable of, and if this indeed was her well things were going to get worse...much worse.

Merry smirked. "Oh, so you remember me? That's good. You have a debt to pay." She stood and took a step forward, ignoring Vidar completely. Her claws flexed, her mouth salivating. She was so hungry; as an immortal she did not feel the pain of hunger or thirst, but this body did, oh how her stomach ached. She had no qualms with tearing the girl's throat out (again) and eating every morsel of fat and muscle and every ounce of that blood. "I think you remember my name, Kira."

BANG, BANG was all that could be heard over the last of Merry's words, her step forwards triggering Vidar to fire at the Therians feet and torso, his body launching forwards like a rocket, the snow n the floor beneath him flying in every direction, the glinting weapon soaring around in a wide arc as the gauntlet levelled on the other side for balance. A seething growl escaping Vidar's lips.

Anouk started at the loud bangs, yelping and curling in on herself, inadvertently drawing attention to her more-than-a-little vulnerable form. "Stopitstopitstopit." She murmured under her breath, terrified. The snow began to melt around her as she tapped into her skill, the air around her drying out as she heated it.

Kira glared at Merry, her blood pulsing through her veins as her adrenaline went into overdrive, her mind whirling as she tried to think of what to do, or say. "I did what you wanted, no

need to drag me back to that hell. You've only come because your wanting bloodshed." Kira looked at Vidar and jumped back a bit, now closer to the fire, she could feel the heat at her back. Reaching down she grabbed a flaming log, "I'll do what ever it takes to send you back, but I'm not going with you."

Merry snickered at Kira's words, before she felt more bangs of energy fired at her. The ones towards her feet missed but they knocked into her chest, pushing her back against a tree with a splintering crack. She snarled and climbed back to her feet, leaping with her cat-like agility and strength towards the man who fired at her, claws extended and flying towards him at high speed, intending to tear his face off his head.

Vidar swung harder, his blade singing as it closed towards the feline creature springing towards him. Dirt blasted up behind Merry as the crackling kinetic force dissipated violently into the earth. Instinctively he retracted his gauntleted arm into the path of one of the claws, his mind hoping for that one instance that his blade would slam into the other. The gauntlet crackled, but there was no time for a fully charged blast, and instead electricity flickered across the plated metal, defensive, instinctive, and unplanned. Vidar wasn't expecting such a sudden reaction, but at the same time he admired it. He could feel time slow down, the look of wild fury on the woman's face. He felt his sword hand driving closer and closer. He was but an arms length away now...

Time seemed to slow as the cat-woman threw herself at the man, her face aflame with fury. Anouk's heart stopped, even for an instance, the white-haired man seemed to flicker and for an instant her mind convinced her that she saw her blonde brother, stuck in the path of a vampyre. The flash caused her heart to clench, her hand reaching out even as her vision snapped back to normal, into real-time.

Kira took the opportunity to swing low at Merry, her sword coming down on Merry's left side and across her back, as the sword came down Kira pulled out a dagger and went to slice into Merry's leg with it, thrusting upwards so that it would stick and make a rather bloody mess of things. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as she sliced upwards with the dagger, and downwards with her sword.

Luckily for Merry, she was already flying incredibly fast through the air and Kira's blades missed almost completely, leaving a few nicked in her skin as she said through the opening; however, Vidar's blade connected, drawing blood but not incapacitating her completely. She yelping in pain and knocked Vidar to the ground, sliding her claws into his shoulders as deep as she could manage, snarling, her blood leaking from her side and her thigh where Kira's blade hit. "Do you even know who you're defending?" She snarled into Vidar's face.

Vidar roared back "ME!" and as her claws tore into his shoulders he did two things - Vidar grabbed at Merry's right arm with his left hand, a lancing surge of electrical current ripping through the metal towards her flesh as he moved like a loaded gun to snare her. The other was literally a knee-jerk response, tilting his blade Vidar drove it sideways at Merry's already blood soaked body, feeling searing heat and pain as claws drove into his shoulders, thankfully lessened y the layers of leather and his cloak. The white material over the cloak, however, stained rapidly with his blood, and somewhere deep in his right shoulder, the physical sound of claw scraping on bone could be heard with the 'snick' of a tendon

Anouk steeled herself. Dmitri had always warned her about her reckless stupidity, but she had to do something. She frowned to herself, brows furrowing as she scrambled about for anything vaguely weapon-like. Her hand brushed over a rock, half-dug into the ground. Beggers couldn't be choosers, she thought in the back of her mind even as she pried it out of the dirt. She hefted it in her hand, launching it angrily towards the attacking cat-woman. "Leave them alone!" she yelled, the intimidation of the action lessened somewhat by her adolescent body.

Kira looked at the girl that had thrown the rock "Get out of here now, or your gonna get killed." Her voice echoing through the clearing as she then turned back to Merry and Vidar. "Damn it..."Kira was now debating wether or not this was going to be a wise choice to stay and fight or if she should get the girl out of here before she got herself killed. "Merry, you and I are not finished, I'll settle my debt with you later." Grabbing the girl by the wrist she hauled Anouck out of the clearing and off into the woods. "You're not very bright are you." Kira growled under her breath.

Merry felt more pain as her hip received another blow, slicing into her flesh; she roared and dug her claws in deeper, grasping his shoulder bones with them. "My fight is not with you." She snarled and lept off of him, leaping towards the departing Kira and blonde girl. The rock hit her knee but she didn't feel it; everything was drowned now by her fury and the throbbing pain from bodily harm. She tore off after Kira, landing sideways on a tree and using it to launch towards them, landing only feet behind the girls, snarling.

Vidar snapped off the floor, feeling his right arm strain to move effectively. But he could move it, barely. As Vidar bolted towards Merry his left hand flung dagger after dagger towards her, 4 from his belt, each silently soaring through the air, hidden under the crackling flame of the burning tree. As he neared her her dived, using his powers to launch further, bordering on flight to bring his speed up faster and faster as he descended upon the Therian that faced away from him, and towards the girls, his jaw clenched in pain, but his face sporting a wicked grin, his eyes burning with blood lust and enjoyment

Kira spun around and glared at Merry. "Seriously, what the hell do you want from me I went after rose like you asked...didn't go as planned and now your wanting more of my blood I don't think so." Kira let out a low whistle and huge roan coloured horse came galloping into view. Grabbing Anouk she hauled her up on the horse and took off through the woods. "I'm not dealing with you any more Merry, you had all the blood from me you'll get."

Confused and scared as she was, Anouk barely even struggled as she was manhandled yet again, yanked off her feet and transported unwillingly for the second time that night. Seriously, was there some sort of sign that said 'I'm a rag doll!' on her forehead or something. She glared up at her... captor? saviour? Anouk didn't really know. She opened her mouth, but whatever she was going to say was lost as the thud of something heavy sounded behind them. It seemed that one even as fair a complexion as her could pale futher when confronted with such a frightening thing as the feral cat-woman. In the back of her mind, the part that was still operating, Anouk resigned herself to being manhandled again as she was lifted atop a horse. Oh how her adventure continued.

Merry tumbled to the ground as she felt one of the four blades strike her in the shoulder. This was no good, she was becoming too weak, from blood loss, pain, and hunger. Her target disappeared into the woods ahead on the back of a horse and she knew the man would be reaching her at any moment; at the moment he was nearly upon her, she spun around and swiped her long claws at the man's face, the other hand plunging those claws right towards his chest.

Vidar slammed down at Merry, his left hand, armoured as it was, swung with concrete force at the feral woman's outstretched swiping right hand, aiming to break bones through sheer force. In his other hand, Vidar had drawn another dagger, but was unable to swing it and he knew this. Using all of his mustered force, he simply thrust it forwards feebly, aiming to slash or impale the other paw, and to serve as a distraction for his knees rising up in preparation for impact. Literally, he was upon her now... a vicious snarl rattling from deep in his throat as he exhaled hard to move his muscles.

Anouk kept her eyes on the fight even as she was taken from it, hoping that the man would emerge victorious. He reminded her of her Dmitri. She sighed, tired of being muscled around, but she supposed she was getting used to it. She glanced up at the woman in front of her, trying not to move for fear of falling off.

Kira kept Anouk close to her, so as she wouldn't fall off. "That was a very unwise thing to could have gotten hurt back there little one." Kira sighed as they headed away from the fight, she wasn't sure where to go, she wanted Anouk to be safe, but she knew that a fight with Merry was going to be inevitable. "Why can't she come after me when no one else is least no one who'll get hurt easily..."

Merry felt a sickening crack of bone as the arm swiping towards his face broke from the impact of his armoured arm, and another dagger striking her in the same shoulder; she hissed in pain but the claws aiming towards his chest struck true and pierced the skin, she had no idea how deep. The broken arm hanging limply by her side still served a function, however; her mind twinged and triggered her oldest ability, her Hand of Blood. His wounds on his shoulders and now in his chest began to bleed fiercely and fast, dripping to the ground around her and onto her face and chest. The blood striking the ground sprung up into the flowers, and the blood on her body soaked into her skin like a sponge. "That bitch owes me her life in a blood pact we created. She is meant to forfeit herself fair and square, and you'll only be killed in the process if you interfere." she snarled, tears rolling down her cheeks in pain, fangs bared in pain.

Vidar roared and his eyes widened in surprise, feeling a crack as claw struck bone in his chest, but thankfully failed to shatter his ribcage. Recoiling, Vidar lost control of his rage, his body standing on a funny angle as his right arm hung still, waves of shimmering air around him. Then looking straight into her eyes, Vidar smiled wide, not a snarl or evil grin, but a happy, deeply warm smile. Raising his left hand he whispered a word, and pulled it back towards his body. Merry had forgotten to tear out the dagger he threw into her shoulder. As his hand withdrew quickly, a strong force of telekinetic energy slammed in at it from behind, like some hammering a nail. In the same fluid motion, he snapped his hand over the second twinblade, and slashed forwards, feeling his head sway from the suddenly severe loss of blood

Anouk sighed, thoroughly tired of being treated like the adolescent she was. "I had to do something!" she muttered under her breath. "I'm not entirely useless." She huffed, trying to get out of the woman's hold without falling off the beast. "Where are we going anyway? Are we near that Tavern? Why was that lady trying to kill you?" It was time to get some answers, she decided.

Kira didn't bother to look back, she was to worried about getting away from merry and making sure that Anouk would be safe. "I will answer your questions in due time little one, for now we need to get to a safe place. The Tavern's been destroyed so we can't go there, You'll stay with me in Venice. Its a ways from here, but its safe."

Kira sighed "We are going to the Tavern, and she was after me because of something she and I agreed too...I was hoping she would be gone and not comeback, but it seems that she still remembers..." Kira sighed "You keep yourself out of trouble alright, and I'll be back soon to check on you." They'd reached the Tavern and Kira helped Anouk down. "Don't go throwing rocks at people who are bigger then you. Promise me you'll be careful okay." Kira gave the girl a stern look then ruffled her hair. "Take care little one." And with that she was off, racing down the path and into the forest once more.

[Exit Kira]

Anouk fumed inwardly. What was it with people and making her feel six years old! She reached up and finger-combed her hair into somewhat of an order, stomping towards the Tavern muttering under her breath about rag-dolls and certain death for those who insisted on manhandling everyone.

[Exit Anouk]

Merry screamed, blinded by the pain for a moment, and again, as the other blade hit her. She had also lost a lot of blood, but as long as she absorbed his blood, she could remain at least partially clear-headed. She heaved her legs up and pushed him away with all her strength, sending him tumbling backwards, his balance off from being so light headed. As he fell away from her for a moment, she reached over her shoulder and pulled out the blade from her back with a sick squuuish and a pop, crying out. Suddenly, her mind snapped and a cry exited her body for a moment, a completely different look in her eyes. She looked down at herself, around at the blood and the mess, and at Vidar, who was also bleeding and damaged. "Where am I? What happened?" The young therian wept and grimaced, not used to such pain on her body. "Who are you?" She wailed, backing away and falling down on her back with a cry when she discovered her broken arm unable to support her. Another cry out and the previous evil look twisting into her eyes. "You see that?" she said, her voice shaking a little, but an evil giggle escaping. "If you kill me, you kill a helpless little therian girl who's body I have stolen. Her soul is still in here, trying to live, and if you destroy this body, you destroy her forever." She said, her claws still out and poised, ready to defend herself if needed. "My battle is not with you." She reiterated.

Vidar lifted his head and snarled, listening while also formulating a plan. And the thought struck him. His body tenses, and for a moment his skin seemed to pale,almost to the point of luminescence. Though is uses of magic was now very much impossible, his skin was theoretically rendered inert to Merry's senses, and control. [link] There was no way his blood loss was natural. Vidar summoned all of his strength, and without grimacing, stood up with faked ease, bringing one of his fallen twinblades with him. "Then you will leave now" his voice snarled. all of his focus was now centred into maintain the look of strength, to not give away his weakness. "and you will not want to face me in battle again!" his voice made his ears ring, but he paid no attention to it.

(Link referencing power & attributes: Section 4, paragraph 4 of "Weapons Long List" for Vidar)

Merry stumbled to her feet, using her remaining good arm and a tree to pull herself up. "Next time I face you in battle, only one will walk out alive." She snarled, grimacing in pain and swaying from weakness. Mentally triggering her hand of blood again, drawing more of the blood out of his body, she backed away slowly, limping a little, keeping her silver crazed eyes on him, until she had backed out of sight, into the darkness of the forest, where she could lick her wounds clean and recover from the strenuous battle.

[Exit Merry]

Vidar fell to his knees after a long, agonising moment, waiting for Merry to leave. His defences fell away and he almost lost consciousness. He notices the train of dead grass following Merry and noted it. Before crawling away, eventually using trees as support. Home wasn't terribly far away. He just had to make it there while conscious.

[Exit Vidar]