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The Old World Coven:

In Underworld there are two primary factions (Referred to as "Two great Covens") for the Vampires. The first are the Old world Coven. These Vampires were housed around Europe, primarily Hungary, and Ordoghaz was the Headquarters for all three Elders; Markus, Viktor and Amelia. The characters portrayed in this coven within the movies are mostly Aristocratic in nature, or Death Dealers.

This coven was evidently Anniahlated in Underworld: Evolution by Markus upon his awakening as a Hybrid for the first time, sustaining the destruction of Ordoghaz and the loss of oth elders Viktor and Amelia. It is unclear how many survived the aftermath.

The New World Coven':

This is the second "Great Coven" - Dictated by Amelia and run in the New World (America). Not much is known about this coven, however their leadership (Members of their council and Amelia) has been wiped out. Unlike the Old World Coven, the American coven has avoided the fate that Ordoghaz suffered.

The council memers killed on their trip to Hungary appear to been part of the Greater Council, which unites every centure at the meeting of the Covens - the time when one Elder goes into Hibernation in Place of the other, and at the time of The Chain.

Werewolves & Lycans Edit

There are not many distinctions between werwolves and Lycans. But we'll do our best to describe them

The First Generation:

William's kind. The werewolves once formed mighty packs, incapable of taking human form these beasts may once have easily outnumbered Vampires. Their numbers were incomprehensibly massive, and they hunted all humanoid life by night, opting to sleep by day.

Their kind has been close to made exctinct by the Second Generation, and by Viktor, the Vampire Elder who sought their destruction or enslavement.

The Second Generation:

Lucian's kind. These Werwolves, referred to as Lycans, can take human form. Their numbers have always been respectively low, in similar ways to the Vampires. These Lycans stay together as a single military unit.

In earlier days, Lucian formed an alliance between both First and Second Generation werewolves to attack the Vampire Fortress (Of unknown location). A successful military campaign. Lucian however, the long time leader of the Lycans, was killed during Underworld Events. It is unclear how many Lycans survived the aftermath.

Immortals and Humans Edit

Only one pure immortal is mentioned in the Films. Alexander Corvinus. His faction is primarily made up of humans who work with him to contain the war etween the Lycans and the Vampires. Their purpose has been to protect humanity from the immortal clans, and possily to protect the immortal clans from humanity. In Markus' attack on the Sancta Helena, many of Alexanders men die, as well as Alexander Corvinus himself.

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